Meeting of Historical Building and Modern, Luxury and Comfortable Building

If your location is Gelibolu which is that brave and one of the most beautiful cities of the country, you need to give meaning its history.
A mansion is to exist near the sea side. It is to have Dardanelles view.  The dew of the dawn is to give cheer to your face.  Spent time with the people you love peacefully and comfortably.  Light is to fill inside through all of its windows thanks to its unique architecture
It is to be a building each corner of which is restored rigorously down to the last detail. The hand writing of the best architecture is to exist behind the walls that are put up sensitively, it is to be a hotel that adds detail understanding addressing to your pleasure in to your life.
Hotel Milestone 1915 is an historical and cultural part of Gelibolu. Our hotel which was built by using modern technology and quality materials with the sensitivity of German engineering is unique. Restoration and construction works have lasted approximately 20 months.